About Us

About Us

MBA Purpose

A big part of what makes MBA so special is members become an extended family who truly understand what others are going through in their business. From making connections to surviving crises and celebrating victories, the Association is all about people, business and community.

At the heart of The Millard Business Association are four core objectives. Those objectives are:

  • Promote, preserve and enhance Millard-area commerce
  • Develop active business-to-business networking among members
  • Provide business-specific educational opportunities to members
  • Provide benevolent community programs

The business professionals who make up the MBA are eager to learn about each other and their businesses. The Association creates the perfect environment for professionals to share and connect with each other in a way that adds value, creates opportunities and is a lot of fun.

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MBA History

The MBA was first conceived in 2003 by a small ground of Millard-area business owners and associates who recognized and developed opportunities for effective business networking and community development.

The Millard Business Community Foundation (MBCF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation born out of The Millard Business Association (MBA). Community outreach programs such as the MBA Scholarships and Project Wee Care created to need for this Foundation. The MBCF and the MBA work side by side to reach out to young adults and families in our community. Getting involved in these programs is as easy as visiting our website or sending us an email.

We Are One, and Together We Build the Best Community!

The MBA is highly involved with Millard schools and the community. We have helped to provide for over 1100 families in need over the holiday season. We raise scholarship funds each year to contribute to our high school students’ education opportunities, and equip our members in many other ways to give back by playing an active role in the community.

Networking and Community Involvement 

If you’re a business owner who wants to get more involved with like-minded professionals and the community at large, the Millard Business Association is an awesome opportunity. We have an Ambassador program that helps new members feel comfortable diving right in and making meaningful connections during their first two months. For more information about how to join, be sure to check out the membership page.

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